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​Japanese style acupuncture

Why Japanese acupunture technique is effective

I spend a lot  of time to palpate and find the exact location of points  rather than just useing the points in the textbook, because everyone has different body. 

 The best use of acupuncture points only becomes possible when knowledge of the points is matched by experience and sensitivity in the fingertips. Japanese Acupuncturists place a lot of weight in finding the exact location of "active points" for treatment. 

This is why Japanese Acupuncture techniques are able to be extremely effective without using deep needle insertions or strong stimulation. 

Gentle, painless acupuncture​

My acupuncture needling techniques generally use finer and thinner needle and shallow insertion.
Therefore, most patients find that my treatments are relaxing and cause minimal discomfort.  Often they are not 
even aware that needles have been inserted.

I administer two type of treatments:  "local" and "root" methods.  Local treatments addresses symptomatic complaints.  For acute problems local treatment is sufficient.  Root treatments seek to address constitutional and structual issues. For chronic and comples conditions root treatments is need to address their underlying causes.  Both local and root treatments  are given at the same time.  Japanese acupunture promote body's self-healing process.

 Many illness and injuries respond very well to Japanes acupuncture. The following are some samples.

- Musculo-skeletal Disorders
  Back pain, frozen shouldre , sciatica, tennisi elbow

- Neurological Disorder
  Hedache, Migraine, Facial palsy

- Psycho-somatic Disorder
   insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress, 

- Gynecological Disorders
  irregular menstruation, PMS, menopause, infertility

- Respiratory Disorder
  bronchial asthma, allergy, cough

- Digestive Disorders
  diahrrea, constipation, loss of appetite
"The human body is like the river.  It changes constantly to seek balance "




Protect against disease and maintain optimal health with gentle Japanese acupuncture to stimulate and adjust the flow of qi energy to promote the body's natural healing ability.

Promote good health by restoring the balance of yin and yang within the body using herbal treatments based on principles of harmony and balance.

 Enhance well-being with heat therapy to treat cold and dampness in the body and increase qi energy and improve circulation ​to optimize general health.